Some Motor Cycle Magazines available in the UK

Back Street Heroes - choppers and no tits **

Bike - MOR (Middle of the road)

BikeTrader - small ads only **

Classic Bike Guide - not exciting but useful if thats your scene ***

Classic Motor Cycle Mechanics - useful if your into 20 year old bikes ***

Cycle World(US) - MOR and bland (used to be better) **

Dirt Bike Rider For those who dont shower?***

Easyrider(US) - tits N choppers (stuck in 1969) *

Fastbikes - wheelies but no tits now**

Performance Bikes - MOR **

Motor Cycle News - The weekly magazine/newspaper has improved slightly **

Motor Cycle Sport & Leisure - relatively upmarket (used to be more so) ***

Motor Cyclist (US) - its not difficult to see why our cousins like UK mags best **

Old Bike Mart - sort of like MCN by subscription only *

Ride - lots of useful info. but a bit boring ***

The Classic Motor Cycle - the title says it all **

South East Biker Local Mag ***

Superbike - tits no more but still some Wheelies  ***

Streetfighters - OK if you like that sort of thing (seems to have merged with Back Street Heroes in mid 2013)**

Trail Bike & Enduro More Dirt **

(Magazine Scoring max *****)